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Patient Stories

Each of our clients are unique. They each come with their own struggles, concerns, and triumphs. No matter what their background or their choice, RealOptions lovingly supports them through their entire process. Here are some true stories from our clients.

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Mei was positively glowing...

Mei* was positively glowing as she came into our East San Jose site to pick out some clothes for her baby boy due in a few weeks. She was completely transformed from the confused and scared woman who first entered our clinic several months earlier. As she picked out Christmas outfits and warm jackets for her baby, she reminisced with her Patient Advocate about how far she had come.

When Mei first found out about her pregnancy, her boyfriend immediately started pressuring her to get an abortion. They were both older, so he feared for the health of the baby and was not ready to commit to Mei. He threatened to break up with her, became verbally abusive, and pressured her that she would be considered an outcast in her culture. Her Advocate listened compassionately to Mei’s worries and fears. 

Mei decided to enrolled in our prenatal care program and picked out maternity clothes. Over the months as she came for her prenatal clinic, she became stronger and more self-confident, and felt a peace and excitement in her decision to keep her baby. Her boyfriend eventually had a change of heart and decided he wanted to be in her life and help raise the baby with her.

As Mei finished picking out baby clothes, she thanked her Advocate, Nurses, and RealOptions for all the support we had given her. She cried as she loaded diapers, baby clothes, and the layette into her car. She said that if it wasn’t for RealOptions, she would never have had her baby. Mei asked if she could bring the baby back after he was born. Her Advocate said they couldn’t wait to meet him.

*Fictitious Name

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