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Patient Stories

Each of our clients are unique. They each come with their own struggles, concerns, and triumphs. No matter what their background or their choice, RealOptions lovingly supports them through their entire process. Here are some true stories from our clients.

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Planned Parenthood

Olivia sat sobbing...

Olivia* sat in the blood-draw room of an abortion clinic in Mountain View sobbing. She had come to the abortion clinic three times in the past couple of weeks to get an abortion, but had left each time because she couldn’t go through with it. This was the farthest she had gone so far and as the nurse tried to take a blood sample, Olivia started crying uncontrollably. Irritated, the nurse said she would leave her alone for a few minutes so she could pull herself together. As Olivia sat in the chair trying to choke back her tears, she looked out the window and saw RealOptions across the street. She decided that before she went any further, she would find out what a pregnancy medical clinic was.

When she saw online that RealOptions offered free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and peer counseling, she made an appointment and came in a few days later. As she sat with her Client Advocate, she began to cry again as she told how she had just lost her job and had two other children to support and could not imagine having a third child. Her mother was telling her to abort because of the financial burden a third child would be and her best friend was threatening to throw her out if she had the baby. Since Olivia had lost her job, her best friend offered her free housing for her and her two children to help her out. She believed that abortion is morally wrong, but the thought of losing her housing and the responsibility of another child was so overwhelming that she began to cry. Her Patient Advocate sat with her and gave her a box of tissues as the stress and anxiety of the last several weeks came pouring out of Olivia. “I can’t believe you’re sitting here while I cry,” Olivia whispered. “Planned Parenthood didn’t give me any support or counseling, they left me alone in my grief.” Olivia was so grateful for the support that she asked her Patient Advocate to come into the ultrasound room with her.

During the ultrasound, her child was moving and dancing around her womb and Olivia was awed by how big the baby already was. Thinking about all the options she had just learned about Olivia knew she would not be able to abort the baby.

When Olivia came back one week later, she told her Patient Advocate that she had decided to keep the baby! Not only that, but she had found a new job that paid enough to allow her save up money to get her own place to live by the time the baby was born.

*Fictitious Name

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