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Patient Stories

Each of our clients are unique. They each come with their own struggles, concerns, and triumphs. No matter what their background or their choice, RealOptions lovingly supports them through their entire process. Here are some true stories from our clients.

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Amy stormed out of the room...

Amy* stormed out of the room after yet another fight with Todd*. Slamming her college course books down on the kitchen table, she wondered for the hundredth time if it had been a mistake to move in with her boyfriend of 2 years. She thought it would make their relationship better by being able to spend more time together, but Amy was coming to realize it was hurting and not helping their relationship.

And now there was the baby to consider. Todd wanted her to have an abortion; a child did not fit into his plans and goals. They went for the abortion, but when they told her at the abortion clinic she was 16 weeks pregnant, Amy started having doubts and walked out. Todd was furious and threatened to break up with her, however, Amy stood firm that she did not want an abortion. He was welcome to leave. Todd later told Amy he changed his mind, but Amy wasn’t sure what to think about it. Feeling confused and uncertain, a friend reminded Amy of RealOptions’ Campus Pregnancy Support Team table that they had passed on the SJSU campus and how they helped pregnant women. Amy decided to give them a call. She made an appointment to come in later that week.

Amy felt a huge weight lift off her shoulders as she talked with her Client Advocate. All the confusion she had been feeling over the last few weeks started to clear as she discussed her relationship with Todd, her concerns and excitement about the baby, and her plans for the future. Her Client Advocate helped her examine the pros and cons of parenting, adoption, and abortion. Amy was interested in adoption, so her Advocate referred her to an adoption agency.  As Amy went in for her ultrasound, she thanked her Advocate for being so supportive and for helping her talk through her frustrations and fears.

*Fictitious Name

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