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Patient Stories

Each of our clients are unique. They each come with their own struggles, concerns, and triumphs. No matter what their background or their choice, RealOptions lovingly supports them through their entire process. Here are some true stories from our clients.

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Courtney found healing...

Hope is impacting our community both locally and internationally. 

Courtney* found healing from her choice of abortion and experienced a freedom from guilt she didn’t realize was possible. Several months after completing the class, she began to serve on the mission field in nations around the globe. In one African nation, she found a use for her testimony she never dreamed possible.

Driving around the country, she was amazed by the number of advertisements plastered on light poles, shop windows, and street signs for "100% pain-free abortions," learning backstreet abortions were common. Courtney was working at a community development agency leading educational classes for women and was frustrated by her inability to gain the trust of these women who struggled through a hard life. One day, Courtney decided to share her testimony about her abortion and the depression, sickness, and suicidal thoughts that followed. Suddenly, arms were uncrossed, slack postures were leaning in, pursed lips quivered, and dry eyes became wet with tears. The room of 40 women realized they had more in common than they ever imagined. Most of the women had at least one abortion in their past and many of them had multiple abortions.

Courtney spent the next several weeks with many women sharing what she learned through the Hope class. Many lives were changed, but Courtney knows there is much more work to be done. She plans to return to Africa in the near future equipped and prepared to facilitate post-abortion healing classes.

*Fictitious Name

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